Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hate Mail - Political Philosophy

Egalitarian democracy is the only legitimate form of government.

Egalitarian democracy is a political means of securing as decent a life for everyone as it is possible to achieve. 

It is a result of the moral practice of telling and knowing the truth in service to the duty to be good to each other.  

Anything that prevents that, either the promotion of being cruel and exploitative of other people and living beings or lying about reality is destructive of a decent life for everyone and of the political means of achieving that.   

Any political Constitutional article or provision or law or document or dogma that enables lying is anti-democratic, illegitimate and destructive of equality and a decent life.  Any Supreme Court that by its interpretation enables lying is actively destroying democracy.  Ours has done that for the past fifty years.  After a half a century to see what the results of it is, any further enabling of lying should be considered to have that intention. 

Being fashionable has nothing to do with any of it except in that both are inherently elitist and anti-egalitarian.  See motto above.  

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