Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hate Mail

I don't much care if the buddies of JR-Freki and Simps think I'm the kind of person who thinks "music stopped before he was born."   I probably post and write about more music composed in the past 10, 20, 30, 40,.... years than they know exists.  It only shows a. they don't read what I write and, b. are habitual liars about everything important and of of more modest interest.  I'm sure I listen to, play and present more music written by living composers than Stupy does at his blog for almost exclusively white, mostly male, mostly everything from late middle aged to dead pop song writers and players. 

Freki will never forgive me for being Irish, for having seen through the Brit common received POV and for knowing that most everything that the Britatheists have promoted as fact is, in fact, false.  She's your typical Brit snob who pretends to be a lefty while, in fact, holding an ideology that couldn't be more supportive of the elite status quo.  

There are at least a couple of the regulars who can still put up with the boredom at Eschaton who know that's not true of me. I can't say that I expect them to correct their buddies on that count.  I don't much care about that, either.   It's a place for them to get their regular fixes of 2-minute hate, clicking on like rhesus monkeys imprisoned and tortured in some university psych-lab.  It's sad, when you think about it.  Which they won't. 

Update:  I might publish one of your comments when you learn to read and think and they represent what I've said accurately. In short,  it will never happen. 


  1. "I'm sure I listen to, play and present more music written by living composers than Stupy"

    Living pop songwriters aren't composers? Why didn't I get the memo?

  2. So in other words, when I quote you verbatim I'm misrepresenting you.

    Interesting argument, Sparky. Worthy of Trump, actually.