Thursday, October 13, 2016

Even Stupider Hate Mail

When I wrote, earlier this year that Kevin Puts' opera on The Manchurian Candidate was likely of current topicality I only meant in the general sense that a foreign government, specifically the post-KGB run Putin regime, was meddling in a U.S. presidential election in order to put their preferred candidate, Donald Trump in debt to the Russian oligarchs, into that office.  

My mistake was in assuming that people who read what I wrote would a. really know what Richard Condon's novel was about, b. could make the necessary adjustments to get my point.  

Obviously you didn't and couldn't, not a. and not b.   I've got to conclude from what I'm seeing written on the topic that most people in the media who are breezily throwing the title around don't seem to understand those either.  We are living in a post-literate society that would have been unimaginable to someone who grew up in a country where even the people who read pulp novels were also able to read other things, as well.   Even the jerks who went to college after that don't seem to know even what the pop culture references they make to each other really mean. 

Update:  Stupy's just bitter that I exposed him for someone who pretends to have read books he hasn't.   He might see the movie but I think he mostly just repeats what some reviewer said.  Well, he could do both,  I suspect that's mostly how he made a living. 

Again, what he and most of the Eschatots don't know about music is pretty much everything.  

Update 2:  I'd say he was intellectually defective but I don't want to imply there's any intellect to be defective.  What he is is a man in his senescence who never got over being a particularly awful 2-year-old. 

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