Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hate Mail - Simps Lies And Chumps Buy It And Water Is Wet

There is no level of complexity that is not too deep for the Eschaton "Brain Trust", the content provider of Duncan's blog while "dad" goes out to buy cucumbers at the farmer's market or declares he's too busy to write (I think he had a buddy come up with a bot that posts those posts).  Really, I'm not making that up.


Today is Sunday!!!
Lazy blogging day. Going to go out and enjoy the urban hellhole. Hopefully they have some funky cucumbers at the market!

It devolved into a place for preening narcissism, not much else.  I wonder what happens when "dad" catches his reflection in a store window.  Having looked at what he writes about as the country and the world goes to hell, I don't think that's an exaggeration.  Everyday is lazy day there since c. 2007. 

As for what you sent me.    Eric Clapton, a "great artist" who exposed himself as a racist asshole?   First, I'd rather listen to the black musicians who invented what he stole so, no, on the "great artist" stuff.  Second, it takes a special kind of asshole to diss the people he stole from,  I don't follow Clapton much, never having had any need for his music, if he said what he's alleged to have said, it reminds me of Nick LaRocca infamously having claimed to have invented jazz and that black musicians had nothing to do with it.   As I understand it there are white "jazz experts,"  more in the past than today, who push LaRocca's nonsense, as far as I'm concerned anyone who pushes Clapton while ignoring the musicians he copied isn't doing anything much different.

Update:  Yeah, I pushed that button and got the entirely predictable response from the entirely predictable repeater of pre-regurgitated pop-music pablum.   I'd rather listen to Little Milton than Eric Clapton.  Next I diss Kenny G so he can be offended by that.

Though I do have to go do some of that weeding I've neglected the last several days.

Update 2:  Shit for brains, alleged scientist, "Skeptic Tank," has accused me of following Martin Luther?   I don't think I've ever, once, said anything good about Martin Luther who I think got some of the most basic aspects of The Gospel entirely wrong, he even wanted to cut one of my favorite books out of The Bible, The Letter of James. I assume the issue was St. James saying that faith without works was useless.  And that's, of course, not counting his anti-Jewish rants, his siding with the princes against the peasants, etc.  But, few of the rump of regulars still frequenting Eschaton have ever let accuracy get in the way of a convenient lie.  They really do have a lot more in common with the Trumpian lunatics than they'd ever want pointed out. 


  1. Clatpon's "Layla," the album is a great work of art and it is no more "stolen" from anybody, black or white, than is the pentatonic scale.

    Have I mentioned you're a philistine snob asshole?

  2. Kenny G. is a joke.


    "Kenny G. gets into an elevator and looks around. Then he yells 'This place rocks!'"

  3. Oh, and BTW, once again I predicted every word of your update. Like I said, I'm changing my mind about pre-cognition.

  4. Also, you're still a philistine snob putz.

  5. BTW, Little Milton played harp -- Clapton is a guitarist. For your lame criticism to make sense, you'd have to say "I'd rather listen to T-Bone Walker or Otis Rush."