Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hate Mail

Well, I'm convinced the real difference between a non-writer like me and a real writer pretty much boils down to whether or not you have an editor. 

And as for editing,  it was one of my first lessons in this endeavor that a man who acts as his own editor has a blogger for a client. 

Update:  Emeritus Simonyi chairholder for the Public Understanding of Science, Richard Dawkins, just can't stop making an ass of himself over that 14-year-old high school freshman and his clock project.  Now he's comparing a young geek who made a clock to a child soldier, I think it's rather ironic that some guy who hates Christianity so much has an inner Crusader who can't see a Muslim, no matter how obviously innocent,  without seeing a devil.  

But, then, a lot of us figured out that Richard Dawkins was a jerk 39 years ago

Update 2:  Geesh, is Duncan providing them with so little to work with that they're still proving they can't use a dictionary? They've really devolved since they said, "Frist".   


  1. You know those sayings that get attributed to Einstein because he was so smart and wise, and yet he never said them?

    Same thing ain't gonna happen to Dawkins. He's the Donald Trump of celebrity intellectuals.

  2. The other part of his problem is saying the "kid" is suing for $15 million, which proves eo ipso that he isn't a "kid."

    Except he is; the suit, if it gets filed (it hasn't yet, attorneys have only sent demand letters) will be filed by his parents on his behalf. Ahmed is a minor, and so to young to sue on his own behalf. Old enough to kill, in Dawkins' analogy (and that's as poor an analogy as I can come up with); not old enough to sue.

    Dawkins is truly clueless.

    1. I remember thinking when I read about the scene at the principals office that Ahmed would seem to have been the adult in the room. If he and Dawkins were in a room together, you'd know Ahmed was the adult in the room.