Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hate Mail - They Belong On The Scrap Heap Of History

You know, those show trials that so many of those dear old commies supported by signing onto An Open Letter to American Liberals in 1937 in support of the results of those trials, killed more Communists, more lefties than all of the activities of HUAC and Red Channels and the black list combined.  And there were plenty of killings that fell outside of that small framework.

It's just plain disgusting that American Communists, many of them considered as martyrs because, for a while, they couldn't make big bucks in Hollywood were either championed by people who signed that letter in support of Stalin's show trials in 1937, at the height of his great purge which some estimate killed 750,000 and some believe, through such things as sending people to the gulags, killed far more, or signed it, themselves.  They were more than OK with Stalin, for example, killing all of his fellow Bolsheviks who had survived till that time.  They approved of it with their signatures.    I maintained affection for quite a number of them for a long time but they were supporters of the equivalent of Hitler and Nazism.   Oh, and I don't for a second believe that if Trotsky had won the power struggle with Stalin he wouldn't have killed loads of people too,  Communism has a history written in blood, lots of it the blood of rival commies.

It's way, way, way past time that the left dumps people who maintain a romantic, lying view of those people and what they did.  Keeping up that pretense to spare the feelings of a few superannuated Commies and pseudo-lefties gets us nothing and discredits important things.   Dump them.  Dump the romantic, Hollywood-Broadway-Fiction lies about it.

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