Thursday, January 31, 2019

On The Accusation That Democrats Don't Respect The South And Mid-West

Giving some thought to what was said about "neglected regions" in the country in my first post.  I was curious to see where the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the two parties came from, which I think is as good an indication of regional respect as anything short of appropriations of money.    I have gone back 100 years for the Democrats, the results tell quite a tale of honoring the sons and daughter of "the heartland" not to mention the South and other places Democrats are alleged to not respect.  I might get around to comparing it with Republicans and where their candidates come from, someday.  If someone wants to make the list for me to copy and post, I'd do that.

Hillary Clinton New York, (originally Ill., then Arkansas) -  Tim Kaine (Virginia)

Barack Obama, Illinois (originally Hawaii)  -  Joe Biden, Delaware

John Kerry Massachusetts -  John Edwards, North Carolina

Al Gore, Tennessee - Joe Lieberman Connecticut

Bill Clinton, Arkansas  -  Al Gore, Tennessee

Michael Dukakis, Massachusetts - Lloyd Bentsen, Texas

Walter Mondale, Minnesota  -  Geraldine Ferraro,  New York

Jimmy Carter Georgia -  Walter Mondale Minnesota

George McGovern, South Dakota - Thomas Eagleton Missouri (won the nomination then was replaced by Sargent Shriver, Maryland)

Hubert Humphrey, Minnesota -  Edmund Muskie,  Maine

Lyndon Johnson,  Texas -  Hubert Humphrey, Minnesota

John Kennedy,  Massachusetts -   Lyndon Johnson, Texas

Adlai Stevenson, Illinois  - John Sparkman, Alabama

Adlai Stevenson, Illinois -  Estes Kefaver Tennessee

Harry Truman, Missouri -  Alben Barkley, Kentucky

Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York -  Harry Truman, Missouri

Franklin D Roosevelt,  New York - Henry Wallace, Iowa

Franklin D Roosevelt,  New York - John Nance Garner, Texas

Al Smith, New York  - Joseph Taylor Robinson, Arkansas

John W. Davis, West Virginia  -  Charles W. Bryan, Nebraska

James M. Cox.  Ohio  -  Franklin D. Roosevelt. New York

Woodrow Wilson.  New Jersey -  Thomas R. Marshall.  Indiana       

It would be even more interesting to get back farther but I figured a cut off within the lives of those still living would be as good a test as any.   Thomas Marshall, who I read a bit about last year, was quite an interesting figure.  He should be remembered for more than that quip about a good 5 cent cigar.

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