Monday, December 10, 2018

Stupid Mail

After a long day of eldersitting it would take a lot more than the stupidity of Stupy to get to me.  I mean, the list of safety cautions gets longer every time I do it.  

Simps is just upset because I mocked his masculinity and at his age and with his issues it doesn't take much for him to crouch and scuffle away in his carpet slippers.  

As for the rest of the Eschateers,  I don't care what they say and neither does anyone else.   They don't care what other Eschateers say, not to mention it's always been a rarity for them to discuss what Duncan says.  It's why he gave up ideas of being a writer. 

Update:  As the target of Simp's creative lying in regard to him alleging I said mean things about Elvis (which I didn't, though I've never much cared for his music), he's going to have to dump all over dear old Irving Berlin - he used him to accuse me of antisemitism at Duncan's this afternoon - because the dean of American Popular Song hated rock 'n roll:

The tradition of Christmas songs continues to evolve. In 1957, Irving Berlin, who despised rock ’n’ roll, tried to ban Elvis Presley’s recording of “White Christmas,” but it quickly reached No. 1 on Billboard’s chart. Its success opened the floodgates for rock versions of these Christmas songs, which continue to inundate the market every year as new generations of performers reinterpret these classic songs.

Me, I think a song writer or composer should have the ability to restrict who performs their music during their lifetime.  Though I wouldn't always agree with that I think a composer should have rights in regard to their creations.  

It's an interesting article on the topic of Jewish songwriters who wrote hit Christmas songs.  It has one interesting question that I'd like to answer.

When asked why there were so many Jews in show business, Minnie Marx, the mother of the Marx Brothers said, “Where else can people who don’t know anything make so much money?”

Oh, I know, I know the answer to that one.  The critics racket.  Look at Simps. 

Irving Berlin was a great songwriter, though I don't like all of his songs, he wrote so many.  I do, actually, loathe White Christmas but not as much as I do "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," which I have hated all of my life, every single Christmas I was exposed to it.  Every time. 


  1. "Simps is just upset because I mocked his masculinity"

    Anybody know what this crackpot is talking about?

    1. It was such a tiny detail they might not have noticed.

  2. "I do, actually, loathe White Christmas but not as much as I do "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," which I have hated all of my life"

    Actual jazz musicians love that song, and with good reason, because the chord changes are gorgeous.

    1. The song is not the same thing as the chord changes. A good jazz musician can turn shit into gold but it doesn't change the original. It turns gold BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN CHANGED. HYAMLC sucks. WC is just annoying.

      I should post the John Browning playing of the 33 Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli, in which Beethoven proved that he could do the same thing like few others in history have been able to. Browning was infinitely better than your cocktail party glamour boy idol.

  3. "Browning was infinitely better than your cocktail party glamour boy idol. "

    I presume you're talking about Gould, which only proves what a jackass you are. I actually love Browning's Brahms playing, but of course you wouldn't know that because you're a crackpot.

    1. Anyone who read my post about Browning would know I'm familiar with his playing and his technique. I'm also familiar with G.G.'s and know that Browning was, in every way, the better musician. By a long, long mile.

  4. "The song is not the same thing as the chord changes."



    1. Oh, Stupy. Make my case that all you have to do to be a pop music critic is to be really, really stupid and convince some even more clueless geezer that you know how to talk to youth.

      Words,melody, performance, . . . I guess you never noticed those. Let me guess, the only thing you ever learned in so far as musical literacy is how to read chord symbols if they have those little tab boxes with them.

      There is no more sickeningly phony and insincere thing than the young, drug addled Judy Garland crooning out that song in that revolting movie. I can't think of a more fitting example of how Hollywood destroyed even great talents than her career and life.