Monday, September 17, 2018

Will Susan Collins Find Some Transparently Phony Excuse To Vote For Kavanaugh As She Did The Billionaire Tax Giveaway

I have heard from several people that when they have tried to contact Susan Collins' office to express their displeasure with putting Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court that the office staffers taking the calls not only didn't, as is normal, take their name and address so they could show they were Collins' constituents, when two of them tried to give that information they refused to take it.  The only reason I can think of for that is to provide Susan Collins with the ability to lie about having no constituent opposition expressed to her, or to downplay that opposition which is certainly coming in.   On top of that, Collins is trying to find a way to make the way that the allegation was handled the issue, claiming that it's all the Democrats' fault when, as has been pointed out, in a normal nominations process hearings wouldn't have even started yet.  Clearly Collins is trying her hardest to put Kavanaugh on the court, every bit as much as Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley who have conducted a campaign to hijack the federal courts and the Supreme Court for Republican control, especially their campaign to nullify the election of Brack Obama in that regard.  Turning the first Black president into a second-class president.

Susan Collins has always been first and foremost for Susan Collins and second for her right-wing Republican Party no matter how awful it is.  At heart, she is no different from so many of the Republicans I know who would vote for anyone with an R after their name and who do so largely because they really do hate Democrats.  There are lots of those in Maine, I've known people who voted for Republicans even as the very Republicans they voted for had done and were doing things that harmed them.  It's a form of inherited mental illness here.

I don't know what Susan Collins will end up doing now that Christine Blasey Ford,  the woman who says Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her,  has come forward.  Ms. Ford will, certainly, be the subject of a discrediting campaign at least as vicious as the one Anita Hill was subjected to when she, likewise, was compelled to identify herself.  She will certainly be attacked in ways that Brett Kavanaugh's co-accused will not be, that is even as it is revealed has admitted he was a "blackout drunk" during that very period so any claimed exoneration of Kavanaugh on the basis of his memory is pretty well nil.  It's quite possible that of the three who were in the room, she is the only one whose memory of it is credible.

I still believe that Grassley was able to pull out a far-fetched letter because it was preplanned.  That is, of course, the letter signed by 65 women who allege they were good friends with Kavanaugh as he attended an all-boys highschool and who knew him well enough to say he would never have done what he's accused of.  Of course unless any of them were there, they have no idea.  I don't believe the claims of how the letter was put together and the signatures assembled, I think it was pre-planned because there is more than one potential incident for them to have pulled it out over.  I think that this, like his two-day non-answering of Senator Harris about whether or not he spoke to members of Trumps law firm, Kavanaugh has people to think about who he doesn't ever want us to know about.

Susan Collins has been trying to find every way she can to vote for Kavanaugh, even doing her Susan the Sucker routine as she did to be able to vote for the billionaire tax bonanza bill on the transparently worthless grantees given to her by Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump that she would be able to cast a meaningless vote in the Senate for a bill to strengthen the Affordable Care Act, one which was guaranteed to be meaningless because the House under Paul Ryan wouldn't vote for it and he, as McConnell, in the end, didn't even bring to the floor. 

As I said, if there's one good thing that has come out of this it is that the final veil seems to have been pulled away and a lot of people who were in denial of what Susan Collins is aren't denying it anymore.  If that means that she will lose her last election as the legendary Margaret Chase Smith did, it's high time.  And that legend is largely legend. People don't remember that one of the reasons Chase Smith lost was because of speeches and a question and answer session at a Maine college in which she not only said some extremely alarming things about using nuclear weapons, it became apparent she didn't know basic issues involving the very Senate Committee she was a member of.  Back then when Democrats had a lock on control of the Congress, that wasn't as seriously dangerous as it is now.  With Susan Collins, getting her out of the Senate and into retirement is far more urgent. 

If Susan Collins votes for Kavanaugh, there is a quid to go along with that quo. I wouldn't rule anything out, at this point.


  1. I understand 63 of those 65 women have withdrawn their endorsement. I suspect Kavanaugh's nomination won't sail through the Senate as before, and may well get mooted. I think the GOP is likely to lose their whisper thin control of the Senate, even more likely to do so if they don't reject Kavanaugh at this point.

    1. I'd love to know more about the actual mechanics of getting those endorsements, I wonder if there wasn't some form of deception involved.

      As Charles Pierce said, I doubt I could get 65 women to have claimed to have known me that well in high school when I was 53 and I not only went to a co-ed public school, I hung out more with girls than guys.

      Chuck Grassley should be investigated for ethics violations, if there aren't any to investigate him on, such ethics should be adopted.