Saturday, September 22, 2018

An Answer

The New York Times knowingly played a part in the week-long gambit that FOX has mounted over the declassification of the most sensitive of documents, which would have to provoke any responsible people in the DOJ to refuse, including Rosenstein, giving Trump an excuse to fire him.  What the New York Times published yesterday night accusing Rosenstein of wanting to mount a coup fits in entirely too obviously well with the FOX effort that I completely believe those at the New York Times who did that knowingly aided that effort.  

Any claim the goddamned New York Times didn't intend to play the role it has of promoting the worst of Republicans as they do a Susan Collins in pretending they aren't part of that because they're responsible, they wouldn't have done it. 

I think the Sulzberger family and their minions at the Times have no real objection to the destruction of democracy in the United States. 

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