Friday, September 14, 2018

Unless Collins and Murkowski Put The Breaks On The Kavanaugh Nomination Now, They Deserve To Be Judged In The Same Way As McConnell and Grassley

As some of the people with long experience with Senate Judiciary Committee rules and procedures on Supreme Court nominations have pointed out, if Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley hadn't been gutting those rules and procedures  to jam through the Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearings on him wouldn't have even started yet.  So the accusation that Dianne Feinstein's referring an allegation that Kavanaugh committed at least one sexual assault is "last minute" isn't true in any way, it's brought up within the typical time table of such nominations.  If there's anything "last minute" it's Mitch and Chuck trying to force through Kavanaugh before they believe they might lose the Senate and, so, their dream of cementing Federalist Fascism on the Supreme Court where their thugs can prevent democracy when Democrats control the democratic parts of the government.

The totally sleazy scheme of preventing the last legitimate president of the United States from appointing a centrist to the court in order to pack it with Federalist Society approved fascists is what is outrageous, it is especially outrageous in that with the illegitimate Trump appointing an unprecidentedly partisan hypocrite like Kavanaugh who Trump sees as his get out of jail free card, with a long history of perjury before the Senate elsewhere, one of the sleaziest careers in partisan bias and thuggery, it's clear the Republican Caucus is more than OK with a biased court with perjurers liars and partisan thugs on it.  We've got at least three of those already, in Roberts, Alito and Thomas, Gorsuch is rapidly racking up a record to make a fourth, but none of them were as obviously one as Brett Kavanaugh is.

If this doesn't force Collins and Murkowski to tell Mitch and Chuck that they put the breaks on this until ALL OF THE MURKY, STINKING MESS THAT IS KAVANAUGH IS THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED then they deserve to be seen in the same light as the old men who are running this show. 

If  Democrats can manage it, they should impeach Kavanaugh and remove him from the Supreme Court or the federal judiciary.   They should push through the charges of perjury against him that they should have a long time ago.   It's time that "equal justice before the law" really mean holding criminals like Kavanaugh to the same rules they apply to poor People, People in minority groups, Women.   To hell with the niceness that people with power grant to other people with power and people with money.   We The People should demand that those long empty words be made real or they should be dumped as a false slogan for the justice system and the Constitution.

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