Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Republicans On The Supreme Court Are Imposing An Enhanced 3/5ths Rule

The Supreme Court ruling announced yesterday, allowing the Republicans currently running Ohio to purge the voter rolls of mostly voters they suspect might vote for Democrats is a series of overtly partisan votes in the Supreme Court, the current Republican majority plainly making a series of rulings which they hope will allow Republicans to steal power by blocking or inhibiting or intimidating people from voting who belong to groups that mostly vote for Democrats.

In doing so they are repeating the old slave-owner game of claiming the right of representation for people in their states in terms of population size but, in preventing many of those people counted as residents in their state from voting, it transfers the actual power to their group.  In the 18th and early 19th century, that was done in slave-holding states through the infamous 3/5ths rule that counted slaves as 3/5ths of a person for the purpose of congressional representation, giving that power to their enslavers.  

The old claim that that system was abolished by the Civil War and the amendments to the Constitution, especially the 14th Amendment but that was a lie.  With the end of Reconstruction, brought with the corrupt deal by which Rutherford Hayes became president with the support of Southern former slave owners, the system of Jim Crow was instituted, Black People, freed slaves were prevented from voting but now, with the fiction of their having equal rights, they were counted as 5/5ths for congressional representation with, again, all of that power going into the hands of the people who kept them in de facto slavery and who abridged their civil rights in contradiction to the amendment.  And the Supreme Court, almost always a force for such evil, allowed that to happen up into the 1950s and 60s when for a brief period, they didn't allow it.   But now, since the Republicans have held the majority on the Supreme Court, more and more, they are going back to the enhanced system of the theft of power which the Jim Crow period brought.  They are doing so because the Republican Party is now the party of neo-Jim Crow when it's not the party of overt racist-fascist ascendancy.   

This has all been theorized and worked out by elite law-school faculty, at some of the most renowned universities in the country.  Harvard and Yale, to name only two.  It is part of a plan by fascist law societies, the "Federalists" and others to re-institute American style apartheid and a general benefit to the oligarchic rich who have suckered poor whites for about as long as there have been poor whites on North America.   It has been joined in by the media, including the alleged liberal media which is why it has been so easy to do.  

The longer I live, the longer I read history and even more so The Bible, I have come to see that nothing is new under the sun, we're still involved in the same struggles as were described in Exodus, in the Abolitionist period, in the struggle against Jim Crow and the great Civil Rights struggles of the 20th century.   And the exact same goals and tactics we are up against are in place, only a bit of the terminology and the sophistication of messaging in line with the 20th century science of effective deception and lying pioneered by psychologists working for the advertising industry make their job easier.   That's what we're up against.  The first thing to do is to admit the reality of what they're doing.  

In my state, yesterday, every member of my family and, I suspect, most people got calls from some phony women's group lying to us about today's vote to keep rank-choice voting, something some of us hope and pray will mean we never get another  totally awful governor like the shame of Maine, Paul LePage getting in with 38% of the vote.  His win was due in no small part to the idiocy of making putting people with no chance to win on the ballot ridiculously easy.  But rank-choice voting was a better idea than trying to limit ballot access as a means of correcting the evil of letting someone who was the first choice of a minority of voters be elected while he was the clear last choice of far more voters.  It is something Republicans in Maine have fought tooth and nail to prevent because they know that the goons that Republicans will put up, people like Paul LePage have far less of a chance to become governor or to win other elections if people can choose a more acceptable second choice.   

Republicans in 2018 have to lie to win elections, that is how they put Trump in office.  That alone tells you how putrid the system we have now, especially the part put into place by the Republican partisans on the Supreme Court.  It is our most corrupt branch of government, it is more corrupt than either of the elected branches.  I would not favor an elected judiciary but the way to get rid of them is to impeach those who violate conflict of interest and to end the corrupt way in which they are chosen.  Getting Republicans out of office is the first step in that.  No one who wants clean government of by and for The People has any excuse to vote for Republicans, they haven't had any excuse for decades now. 

The Republican Party is following the same strategy of dominance that the slave-owners of the 18th and 19th century followed, updated for present conditions.  They are the true neo-confederate party.   If they aren't defeated through politics I would be surprised if it doesn't lead to a blood bath bigger than the Civil War was.

Update:  And you can add, And nothing will really change if we don't get rid of those slavery-oligarch empowering features of the Constitution, those written into it by the "founders" and things like corporate-person-hood installed by the anti-Democratic branch, the Supreme Court.  I'm of the opinion that removing Supreme Court members for such stuff will prove to be an essential protection because they seem to have a rather bad habit of inventing such shit out of "originalism" even when the original records of congressional debates prove their "originalism" is really oligarchic empowering legislating from the bench. 

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