Monday, June 11, 2018

Not With A Bang But With A Swagger - The Bang Comes Next - How Bad Will The Republican Money Bags Let Trump Get?

As I have every confidence he will, Trump gets sandbagged by the North Koreans and he makes any piece of crap deal with them to get a favorable news cycle, or, worse, if he blows up the entire region if not the world, the question is how much of a disaster does he have to make before the money bags wing of the Republican Party decides that they reached the limits of harnessing the racist wing of the Republican Party and they can't allow them to have their way? 

The question will be their profits, nothing to do with morality, nothing to do with the artificial substitute for morality that what goes as patriotism is, that's how they have let someone who is a puppet of a Russian gang mob get away with things so far.  He produced their tax-bill bonanza but now his instructions from Putin blowing up the G-7 and the Western Alliance might start costing them money.   And that's on top of his making China the undisputed big power in the Pacific through his and his regimes racist determination to repeal the presidency of Barack Obama, something which they've also allowed him to do. 

My question is how far the ones who are only in it for the money, the ones who exercise real power in Republican politics, the ones who run the media, or fund it, will allow the racists and ideological fascists to go?  That was the same question in Germany in the early 1930s, there the money interests lost control of the situation because they couldn't run the Nazis like they'd planned to.  The same thing could certainly happen here and there are some really bad signs that that is exactly where it is going, though I think cable and hate-talk radio market share has more to do with that than any kind of more sophisticated planning. 

They've gone way too far already, as oligarchies will, that's how empires are generally brought down.  Only now, with the products of science and technology, the collapse might well be under mushroom clouds. 

The advance of science, technology, communications, methods of effective propaganda, the kind of targeting that Cambridge Analytica did for the Mercers, the kind of rigging that Richard Viguerie did decades ago,  etc. make every single defect in our Constitution into a deadly dangerous opportunity to create catastrophe.   I am afraid that the corruption of the money men of the Republican Party, including those who were horrified when the Trumpian fascists got control in 2016 but who were quick to mend fences will not have the morality or wisdom or self-discipline to stop it.   That's what I think we are seeing right before our eyes.   A system that worked the way ours was advertised to would have thrown him out by now, indicted, convicted, banned from power.   One that really worked would have imprisoned the guilty.   Instead he's about to plan his big PR event and the American media is ready to cheer him on no matter what kind of catastrophe he produces - did you see the august NYT yesterday? 

How bad will the Republican moneybags let it get?   How bad will we get?  When will we overcome the insane dependence on the Constitution when it has proved not only unable to correct the Trumpian disaster as it's building but it has enabled it after installing it?   I'm coming to the point where I think people who cite the Constitution as if it were going to save us are as much a part of the problem as the goddamned New York Times has been in creating this disaster.   The time to respect those old norms and to cite those old habitual platitudes as a plan to get out of this is over and done with.  Getting out of this is going to be hard and dirty and dangerous.   Face it or face the consequences.

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