Monday, May 7, 2018

What Passes As A Green Celebrity Visits And The Results Are Risible

Yesterday Michael Feinstein whose Google profile says

 "I'm a Green who has been active since 1988 in California where I live and around the world. Currently I am Co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Previously I served eight years on the Santa Monica, California City Council and two years as Mayor"  

posted what I take as a refutation to one of my posts pointing out that the Green Party is  fraud which in more than three decades of active existence has managed to elect no one to an office of even state-wide significance and which has never managed to elect more than about 150 people to local, mostly very minor offices.

Many of those "elected" offices so touted as their roll call of mighty victories are actually more like appointments or, since many of them are to very minor offices in which one person ran, effectively volunteer positions.  Such offices as being a member of a local library district, park district, various advisory boards,  . . .

Feinstein's wiki-bio leads me to believe that his "two years as mayor" would probably count as an appointment,

Between 1996 and 2004 he was elected twice to the City Council of Santa Monica, California and was appointed as its mayor from 2000-2002. Feinstein was first elected to the City Council in 1996 receiving 13,681 votes and finishing second amongst the thirteen candidates running for four seats.[2] Feinstein was re-elected in 2000 with 21,084 votes, finishing first out of thirteen candidates for four seats.[3] His vote total at the time being the second highest ever for any Santa Monica City Council candidate.[4] In December 2000, Feinstein was appointed to a two-year term as mayor by a 7-0 vote of his colleagues. In 2004 Feinstein sought a third term but was unsuccessful, finishing 9th of 16. In 2014 Feinstein ran again and finished 8th of 13.

Obviously his colleagues didn't elect to keep him in the position.

And keep in mind, even with that record,  Feinstein counts as one of the most successful Greens, though not as successful as John Eder of Portland Maine who managed to win a legislative seat in Maine but which he lost long ago.

In his comment here Feinstein says:

As the U.S. Green that maintains the list of elected Greens across the U.S., I call your attention to that Gil Harris was elected to the Limerick Budget Committee in 2016, finishing 2nd/4 candidates for three sets. Here is the link to the election results 

Since then, Gil Harris was elected to the Limerick Board of Selectman, to a term running through 2021 Justin Reinhardt was elected to the Limerick Budget Committee in 2017, running uncontested

While I don't disrespect anyone who holds even the most minor of public offices, to say that these contribute to a record of Green success is deceptive, as you can see even Feinstein who is a flack for the Green Party has to admit that one of those mighty victories was an uncontested race for a very minor office in a town with fewer than 2,500 residents, the other one was, in fact, a non-partisan election to the local town council (as you can see from the pdf).  In Maine just about all local races are non-partisan, there has been what I think might be a good idea to make Maine legislative races non-partisan so as to break up the partisanship which has blighted Maine politics for a long time.

The Green Party is a fraud which has run spoilers to enable Republicans to win elections for decades, now.  They've been doing it this year in more than one incident.  They were instrumental in putting both George W. Bush and Donald Trump in the presidency, that has been the most significant effect of having the Green Party fraud in operation in its entire history.  It is a fraud which has been promoted in the magazines of the alleged-left, which so many suckers on the play-left have fallen for, generally those affluent enough to not really suffer from the results.

Democrats should take a lesson from the Republicans who have used the Green Party but in a more honest way,  Democrats should register as Greens so they can take it over and end the fraud.   The Greens claim to be a real party but they have done nothing to elect people to office to build real careers in politics and public service.   They mount a phony presidential candidate to try to get their party on ballots, so as to continue the fraud and they do so mainly by attacking Democrats, not Republicans.  I think the thing smells of a con job with someone making money.  I would really wonder what a full disclosure of the finances and activities of Jill Stein would show.   I hope her relationship with the Russian propaganda outfit RT is exposed and that it is a window into the real character of the Green Party.   I'd like a proof that some billionaire oligarchs  domestic or foreign aren't keeping the potemkin party going.   They've certainly been the major beneficiaries of the Green Party fraud, through their enabling of Republicans taking offices they lose in the popular vote.

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