Friday, May 11, 2018

The Constitution Is Only As Good As The Honor And Morality Of Those Who Hold Office, Republicans Have No Honor And Are Immoral

The Constitutional Crisis We've Been In For A Half A Century And No One Admits 

The House Republican Caucus is in flagrant collusion with the Trump regime to obstruct justice in regard to the Mueller investigation.  And that obstruction is blatant and it is widespread in the Republican Caucus, Nunes, Gowdy, Goodlatte, Peter King, Paul Ryan, and so many others who can be named are involved in covering it up and they are in control of the House.   It is something which shows that criminals in power will use all of the defects in the American Constitution and the total degeneracy of the Republican Party.  It is too dangerous to allow to just shake our heads and say, The Founders set it up thus.

Republicans in the recent past have been responsible for abusing Special Councils, most blatantly during the Ken Starr attempt to dig up anything he could to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton - in that case it wasn't just members of Congress, it was also members of the Judiciary, especially those who were tasked with the role of choosing a special counsel.

The Republican Party from the last third of the last century is the party of criminals and liars.  It started bleeding members who weren't OK with criminality and lying during the Nixon years.  There is no doubting that anymore.  They have a history of blatant criminality stretching back  half a century, now, with the Nixon administration.   Back then there were a few Republicans who had some regard for the rule of law instead of Republicans, today there aren't any of those who have enough of a regard for law to leave the party and hold Trump responsible for his possible crimes.

Anyone who is still wondering how we got here, it's because the Republican Party has become the party, not of The People, but the oligarchs and the people whose racism, regional resentments, cowardice and greed totally swamps any sense of decency and even reality.   I think after the events of the past two years, we can pretty much conclude that those who are still supporting Trump are a large and dangerous minority of the population who are a basic and serious danger to democracy.  The old commie hunters and those who fell for their excesses were deluded about the potential for the meat-headed, ham-fisted American Communists to endanger democracy.   That danger was imaginary when it wasn't delusory.   The danger of fascism is real and it is here and it is undeniable.  Any week holds the potential for the fascists to push over the last pretenses of rule of law, they will certainly mount that attempt before the elections this fall.  The Republicans trying to stop or quash the Mueller investigation are mounting only one of the ways they can do that.

The danger democracy faces from the third of the country who are OK with the fascist aspirations of Trump and the Republicans who support him is real  and present danger and how you can deal with that is as hard as it is clear.  They get everything they think from television and hate-talk radio and the American fascist internet.   If those are not punishable for lying, if those can't be shut down and their funders also targeted for lying about individuals and groups, this will not only continue but they will perfect their attacks on democracy.   The installation of Trump, who lost the election, through lies shows that it is already destroying democracy.

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