Tuesday, May 8, 2018

It's Time For The United States To Treat Israel Like It Should Any Other Country That Ratfucks Our Politics And Policy

If the sleazy Israeli "private" ops company Black Cube was trying to generate sleaze on former members of the Obama administration to produce an excuse for Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement were doing so on the part of the Israeli government, the United States should put sanctions on Israel.   It is unacceptable for a country which gets so much support from the United States to be screwing with our politics in a way not much different from how Putin's mafia state does.  If one does, it's appropriate for there to be punitive measures taken to make them stop.   Since it seems to be an open secret that Black Cube may as well be a de facto arm of Israeli intelligence what they did should be considered an action of the Israeli government.   Since the voters in Israel seem to not be troubled by having a series of gangsters, thugs, and terrorists as the prime minster and members of their cabinets and they're meddling in our elections in order to get money and other support for us - including involving us in disasters such as the Iraq invasion,  it's time for us to ask if our relationship with that country should change.  Domestic support for Israel in the United States has been far too powerful in driving our government's policy.   The Iraq invasion, which has turned out to be exactly the opposite of what the supporters of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu promised, should have been the end of the indulging Israel.  

If they turn out to have been doing what Putin is doing to meddle with our politics and policy, the Israeli government and their supporters in Israel deserve to have the same kind of treatment that Putin's mafia regime deserves.   

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