Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Kressmann Taylor - Address Unknown

Tim Dee's adaptation of Kressmann Taylor's novel, published in 1938.

Two old friends, former business associates in San Francisco, exchange letters. One is an American German Jew, the other an American German who, excited and energised by the new Germany of the 1930s, has gone home. Attitudes harden with the seemingly inexorable rise of Hitler, the Jew horrified by the change in his friend and his wholesale adoption of the rhetoric and ideology of Nazism.

With Henry Goodman, Patrick Malahide.

There is a four minute introduction in the recording that talks about the publication history of the epistolary novel that this epistolary drama is taken from, how it was a chilling best-seller when it was first published in 1938, only to fall into obscurity before it was rediscovered, when this drama was made from it.

As I said the other week, I don't usually post adaptations but this one is more a dramatization than an adaptation.  And I think it has a lot to warn us about in our own descent into Republican-fascism.   It can happen here, it is happening here.  Not exactly the same way but it's been known since before 1938 that when it happens here it will be translated into American.

Second Feature:  Julian Simpson - The Listener

Julian Simpson's fast-paced psychological thriller about a man trying to uncover his true identity, set against the backdrop of a war on terror.

Mark Willis ...... Mark Bazeley
Mia ...... Indira Varma
Doctor Gruber ...... Nicola Walker
Samson ...... Mark Lewis Jones
Charlie ...... Jimmy Akingbola

Lenny ...... Paul Panting

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