Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hate Mail

That asshole has been calling me an antisemite for the past six or so years because I said that I wished there were more Jews living in the United States and that they'd been allowed to come here instead of being excluded during the Nazi period.   And that's the exact definition of an antisemite, isn't it.  

I said it when he made a disgusting anti-Roma joke about making a "homeland" for "gypsies" in an abandoned shopping mall.    He's a pathological liar who is a little like the satirical character Alvy Singer, only a lot stupider, with no talent and no charm and no taste.   Only Dopey doesn't believe it, it's just what he says because he can't keep up his end of an argument.  He's got nothin'. 

 I'd rather be in the same group as Tony Kushner and Noam Chomsky than be in the one with Dopey and Midge Decter, Shulamit Reinharz, Norman Podhoretz, and David Horowitz.  He's the Shulamit Reinharz of Eschaton.  Only Eschaton ain't no Brandeis.  And Duncan has become what his mentor's website fought against,  he's a social media whore. 

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