Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stephen Colbert Correctly Diagnoses Elon Musk And The Scientists Of Doritos

Especially pay attention to the Elon Musk part of it, a rich man's mid-life crisis can last the rest of their life.   Look at Trump, he's been stuck in the terrible-twos his entire life and my troll(s) who never got past the emotional age of 12.   You can see it on blogs that develop a "community" all over the place.  Yet another argument for why we must have economic laws and policies that prevent the development of multimillionaires and billionaires.   They're frickin' dangerous.


  1. Hey Sparky -- look what's happening in Poland.

    Nope, no anti-Semitism there. No siree.

    1. You know, you TV, pop-music addled idiot, I never say the things you pretend I said, I never claimed there was no anti-semitism in Poland anymore than I ever said most of what you attribute to me.

      You're too stupid to get any but the most sledgehammer blunt claims that match your preexisting prejudices and slogans and as I don't make such claims you've probably never understood a single thing I've said.

      I'm told that Duncan is writing again, maybe I should go over and look at it, though if I put it on a list of priorities ranked by significance I'd never get to it.

  2. "I'm told that Duncan is writing again..."

    No, nobody told you jack shit. You're lurking over there.

    1. Considering you troll here constantly it's funny you think that would be some kind of crime.

      I don't have the time to monitor Duncan's blog for the rare spurts of typeage that come about every four to eight months.
      He is reverting to being an anti-Democrat, apparently. I don't need it.