Sunday, February 4, 2018

I Repeat: Did You Really Expect Me To Care If The Traitors Are Going To Play During The American Mammonist's Religious Holiday?

So, what I have decided, and I'm not going to let you vote on this (laughter) I have decided that the Jesus movement, the earliest Jesus movement is essentially a protest against the economy of extraction and the proposal and practice of an alternative economy.  And I get that because if you look in – well, I don't know if you know the Letter of James but the Letter of James, the lead apostle, is filled with warnings about the love of money which in context means don't sign on with Rome.  But in the Epistles of Paul, in Galatians, I think it's chapter 5, Paul has a list of what he calls the desires of the flesh are greed, lust, fornication, licentiousness, quarrelsomeness, which I think names – if accumulating more money is the goal of your life, that's the kind of society you will get and that's the kind of society that we have.  So I have come to think, --- you won't mind if I say this since the Cowboys have been winners lately – (laughter)  that the NFL is basically the liturgy for that society.  The NFL is all about sex, money, and violence and they now say the NFL's slogan is “We own Sunday”. (inaudible)    Paul answers desires of the flesh with a list of the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, humility, kindness, patience.  These are the kinds of habits that will not be developed if our commitments are to the competition system.  They are habits that are only viable if we come to regard, if we come to practice solidarity with all our neighbors.  

Walter Brueggemann, at about 17:30 here.

I would put it a bit more harshly than he did.  I have always loathed American football.

First posted about a year ago when the frickin' New England team was then playing in that spectacle of depravity.   I loathe American football.  What I can add to this is that when I once watched a little bit of a football game I couldn't believe how stultifyingly boring it was. minutes of huddling and talking and setting up for a few seconds of violence, followed by more huddling and talking and setting up interrupted only by the referees trying to figure out what had happened and, sometimes, arguments with them by coaches and players and looking at videotape.   By comparison baseball (of which I'm not a fan, either) is fast paced and stimulating.  John Cleese in his comparison of real football, "soccer" and American football pointed out American football is so boring they have to have dancing girls on the sidelines to distract people from the boredom.  I think that is why football surpassed baseball in popularity as people got stupider and more attention deficient from watching TV.  And why "soccer" hasn't become as popular, you have to pay attention to what's happening.  It's the depravity of decaying Rome in North America in the 21st century.

I'll add that since the asshole owner and that Brady guy and who knows how many of the brain-damaged millionaire players endorsed the treasonous Putin crime family asset, Trump, they should be sued for false advertising in calling their company "Patriots".  They should be called the "Traitors."

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