Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Charles, Why Not Say What We Both Know And Most Other People Do, Too

As far as I know, President Obama’s DACA program never has been declared to be unconstitutional in any court of law. It is “considered to be unconstitutional” by conservative scholars and pundits, but that doesn’t really count, no matter how much Kelly would like it to matter. There’s a lot of the old ethnic Boston in this guy. That is not a compliment.

Why not just come out and say what we both know and which, if we didn't, we did when he told a stereotype-filled series of lies about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson,  John Kelly is your typical and vicious Boston Irish racist.   They were a big part of what fueled some of the uglier post-60s manifestations of racism in the anti-integration riots of the 1970s, though hardly the only thing and lots of Irish named people were thoroughly ashamed to share an ethnicity with them.   That he's teamed up with the bizarre Jewish-Nazi Stephen Miller running the defective and already racist automaton they supposedly work for to promote the same kind of vicious racism that we both saw night after night from channel 4 or 5 or 7 in 1974.   If you want a reminder of what that looked like, look at ICE from the past year. 

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