Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What "More Speech" Buys

Some news operation with the capability should come up with a list of members of Congress who voted to enrich themselves with a list of the ways they did it through the Billionaire Tax Bonanza Bill and an estimate of how much they might be expected to benefit from it. 

I'd like to know how Susan Collins and her Husband will personally benefit from her betrayal of Maine residents and others around the country,  I've read Bob Corker is expected to benefit mightily from provisions put into the bill to get him to switch his vote.   

This is what happens when, in the Age of Lies all the goddamned "more speech" of those without billions of dollars are swamped by the "money speech" of the billionaires, an invention of the Supreme Court in the Buckely vs Valeo ruling.   That line of "free speech" "free press" rulings was always guaranteed to result in one of the parties, the one who promised the billionaires the most, would end up governing - if you can call it that - and going against the will of a very large majority to do the bidding of the billionaire oligarchs who the Supreme Court handed the country to.   

There's no mystery about it.  Any journalist, any commentator, anyone who marvels at how the Republicans did what they did is lying because it's entirely obvious why they did it.  As I quoted Justice Byron White's dissent to part of Buckley vs Valeo, it was bound to result in a mortal danger to democracy.  Our government is in the hands of crooks who will change "principled" votes when they are given something that will enrich them.   I wonder what they really gave Susan Collins because the verbal promises that she got from Trump and McConnell aren't worth a cc of flatus. 

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