Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dalek The Halls

ugly tree

Someone sent me some "ugliest Christmas trees" photos and this one I interpret as a Dalek in its holiday finery?   Now, why no one has ever done a Broadway musical on the idea of Daleks in drag, I can't imagine.  It would make a change from the eternal revival of those few war horse musicals they're always doing.   It would probably be more fun than a lot of it.  And it wouldn't be peddling the founders fetish, leading another generation of history ignorant people into that anti-democratic cult.  Forgive me, my country's being taken over by Federalist fascists whose logo is James Madison and I'm kind of fixed on the topic.

Update:  Nope, never was a fan of the Dalek story lines.  They were too automatic villains to have any emotional or intellectual interest.  And, from my time working in an electronic music studio of the late 60s, early 70s era, I grew to hate the over-used sound of ring modulation.   Couldn't stand the sound of it.  

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