Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Scrying The Fate Of The Nation From The Fate Of A Tree

If you believe in symbols and omens, this is ominous.

The historic Jackson magnolia has been on the south facade of the White House since the 1800s—making it the oldest on the grounds. But Tuesday, Melania Trump reportedly made the decision to have it removed after tree specialists determined “the overall architecture and structure of the tree is greatly compromised,” the report stated, according to CNN.

CNN obtained documents from specialists at the United States National Arboretum, which determined the magnolia tree must be removed. The tree is “completely dependent on artificial support,” the document read.

The document said, “Without the extensive cabling system, the tree would have fallen years ago. Presently, and very concerning, the cabling system is failing on the east trunk, as a cable has pulled through the very thin layer of wood that remains. It is difficult to predict when and how many more will fail.”

Sounds like the state of egalitarian democracy and self-government through representation in the United States. 

A White House official told CNN that the first lady made the decision after reviewing and assessing professional information and historical documents. “Mrs. Trump personally reviewed the reports from the United States National Arboretum and spoke at length with her staff about exploring every option before making the decision to remove a portion of the magnolia tree,” Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, told CNN. “After reviewing the reports, she trusted that every effort had been made to preserve the historic tree and was concerned about the safety of visitors and members of the press, who are often standing right in front of the tree during Marine One lifts.”

Why don't they just keep them from that area?  It's not as if there's anything important about Trump sucking up more public money to go golfing.   Most of the White House press corps is dead wood, themselves.

And, to complete the air of doom about it:

Documentation reviewed by CNN revealed the Jackson magnolia has had apparent damage as far as five decades back. Three trunks of the tree grew from the base—tangling together in a mess of shared bark. One of those trunks was removed, leaving an exposed cavity that was filled with cement. Back in the 1970s, this was the standard procedure in this circumstance. The concrete, however, permanently damaged the tree. By 1981, a large pole and cable system were installed and still hold up the tree today.

I'd say that sounds like about right for the American system of democracy, rot in one of the three branches (I'd let it stand for the Court) leading to the whole thing dying violently, including the roots (The People).   And that by the decision of a Trump.


  1. You're so right, Sparkles. Removing a seriously dying tree from the White House grounds is far worse than the administration pulling financial support from the UN.

    Priorities, people!!!!

  2. Let me guess, you told Duncan's ersatz athenaeum that I said that, didn't you. And they believe that I said it.

    I didn't realize the level of trustafarian boy of leisure Duncan was until someone pointed out to me some of his recent lifestyle allusions. He really is an empty little fop, isn't he. No wonder he attracts people like you. Or, rather, since he puts no effort into his blog, you attract each other.

    I've also heard Hecate is beginning to see what a phony he is.

  3. Except the U.S. only cut funding by$285 million. Funding for the U.N. has not been"pulled."

    Facts are annoying things.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Seriously, Simels, you should have some imaging done on your brain, it might be treatable. Or it might be personality and a lifetime of TV and movies, in which case, at your age, the effect's not much different, the reason they were able to cover up Reagan's dementia for so long and Trump's condition similar to Simelsism.