Thursday, December 28, 2017

Simps, Your Senility Is Speaking, I Answered That Lie Two Month Ago

Stupy's looking for attention so he's lying about me at Duncan's blog.  I was sent this a few minutes ago.

Stëve Sïmels, blog malignancy  Dean Rowan  23 minutes ago
The Vaughan-Williams Fifth symphony is the most sublimely soothing music ever.

Got the entire British Isles through the worst part of WW II. Deservedly.

That Idiot From Maine© hates it, of course.

Not only do I believe have I never expressed a negative opinion about V.W.'s Fifth Symphony, I pointed that out to The Stupidest Liar of Ducan's convocation of prevarication on October 15th when he said the same thing.  The only piece of V.W I ever remember criticizing is his Variations on Greensleeves which I dislike.  I don't have any strong feelings about most of his music. 

Oh, and as for the 5th  getting "the entire British Isles through the worst part of WWII," the piece wasn't finished until 1943 and wasn't given its first public performance until June of that year.  I don't think the last year of it was Britain's worst part of the war, I'd have thought that would be The Battle of Britain in 1940, before they knew the Yanks were going to come to their rescue.  I can imagine that the first two years, before that happened were the most terrifying of it for Britain. Churchill said that the night Roosevelt told him the U.S. was in the war, ""I slept the sleep of the saved and thankful". Though maybe Simps has never seen a movie about it.   He doesn't know anything he hasn't seen in a movie. So most of what he knows is make believe.

I wonder how many people in Britain had even heard the piece before the war ended.   Personally, I prefer the 9th, but, then, I don't have any problem with people liking any of his music.  He can bathe his ears in the syrup of Variations on Greensleeves till his pancreas gives out, for all I care.

Maybe Simps is the bastard love child of Lillian Hellman and some Stalinist propagandist she had a one-night stand with when she got sloshed and Dash was too drunk too, or the inevitable alcoholic peripheral neuropathy had set in by then.  It would have had to be who was as big a liar as she was.  Like her, every word he says is a lie.  Only she was smart enough to not tell the same lie again after it had been discredited.  Clearly the other Stalinist was where Simps got his intelligence deficiency from.   Why not, it's as true as anything he's ever said about me.


  1. It was on the radio, shithead. Live.

  2. And you know a. most of Britain was listening to the Proms for that performance, b. that most or Britains felt the same way you claim to about it and c. that 1943-VE Day were experienced as "the worst part of WWII" when, as I said, the Battle of Britain was three years earlier and the Americans had entered the war, effectively, in 1942.

    You aren't adroit or erudite or a master of the recondite, though I'll grant you are a blight and in so far as classical music goes, your assertions are quite trite. Well, not just classical music. You're the kind of guy who can't articulate without a cliche coming out of you in some form.

  3. It premiered in America in November of 1944. Helping Americans get through the Bulge and Dunkirk and when Germany bombed Pearl Harbor.

    1. And we all know how it got us through Antietam, too.

      I just threw that one in on the bet that he couldn't make it that far into Burns' Civil War before he had to groove to the already oldies in 1990.

  4. Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!