Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Who Needs ISIS When Mitch McConnell Will Make Future Stephen Paddocks Able To Get The Means Of Killing Us?

The Republican Party is the enemy of the American People, it is the party of the psychopathic factions whose paranoia is used by the gun industry, the NRA and other gun promotion groups to put guns, de-facto machine guns into the hands of people like Stephen Paddock and Adam Lanza.

This is the Republican Party using the gun crazy in order to win elections and to take power and if it isn't Republicans in the House and Senate and in state legislatures, it is the thoroughly politicized Republican members of the Supreme Court, Roberts, Alito, Thomas Gorsuch and Kennedy. 

When ISIS was claiming that this gambling yahoo and getting the FOX Republican-fascists in full distraction from reality mode, my first thought was who needs ISIS to do this when our own government is in the hands of people who enable and encourage the mass murderers to kill more of us than ISIS or Al Qaeda together could hope to?   Republicans the NRA that pulls their strings and the strings of Republican voters, the Republicans on the Supreme Court and lower courts who do the bidding of the gun industry are the Mammonist ISIS in North America, the ones who ISIS and other terror groups depend on to arm the few fanatics who are incited by them and the many times more incited by American entertainment and American Nazism to kill many more of us. 

I've mentioned the time I realized that someone murdered under Stalin or Mao was as murdered as someone murdered under Hitler and that that erased the phony political science distinction between mass murdering regimes.  Well, the Republican Party is doing to the United States the same thing that Al Qaeda did and which ISIS would like to do so they are really engaged in the same thing, the Republicans on the Supreme court, most of all are doing what they are doing using the language of the United States Constitution to get us killed in huge numbers, many, many 9-11s every year, every few weeks. 

It's time to stop pretending that the Republican Party and any government under them is anything but an entity that enables this to happen, over and over and over and over again. 

Last night Mitch McConnell accused the Senators who will try to bring up a bill outlawing bump fire stocks such as Stephen Paddock used to kill dozens and wound hundreds at a concert in Las Vegas of "politicizing" the event.  Well, it's about as disgusting a thing for a politician to be saying when the protection of the American People is supposed to be the first item in the responsibilities of an American politician.  It's contained in that preamble to the Constitution as a promise that that is why the document was written and proposed for adoption.  This is exactly the thing that should become a political concern.  If that part of the Constitution is considered moot, then the thing is totally useless and needs to be replaced with one that will allow for it and for the removal of politicians who act in concert with the gun industry, the modern Murder Inc. of the NRA and other enemies of the American People who kill us.

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  1. Those people died for our freedom to be shot by other crazed individuals with arsenals that rival the U.S. military forces.

    Besides, I heard the father of one victim (she'll live, thankfully) just tell NPR that the guns didn't kill those people, the shooter did. 2nd Amendment, bitchez!

    I'll retire to Bedlam....