Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hate Mail's In

The contention that what the man who CHOSE to kill and try to kill hundreds of people also CHOSE to watch and listen to and, perhaps, though I doubt nearly as much so, read wouldn't tell you more about how he made his choice than dredging up his long gone bank robber daddy seems to be a rather stupid choice on your part.  The same man chose to do all of those things, he didn't chose his father. 

Anyone who considers himself an expert on country music and just, somehow, didn't seem to encounter the myraid of country songs themed on guns, encouraging gun use, killing people with guns, solving problems with guns, asserting rights to carry guns, etc. is just a bit too stupid to take seriously  As it is, I didn't say that the guy in Las Vagas was motivated by country music but the gun culture that prevents us from keeping weapons out of the hands of the insane, the fascist the violent, the jealous boyfriend-husband, the pathological male with a sense of being entitled to kill people, etc. that is influenced by the large body of country songs that do encourage that just as any other genre of music that carries the same messaging.  I don't have problem with the idea that skinheads who murder people are influenced by the hate-rock they listen to, either.  

You are as stupid as the "Freedom" Caucus of the House, only pretending you're on the left and a lot more pretentious and conceited.  And, since it works so much better for them than the left, all the stupider for pretending it works for the left. . 


  1. " I don't have problem with the idea that skinheads who murder people are influenced by the hate-rock they listen to, either."

    That's because you're an idiot.

    Here's a clue -- nobody was ever corrupted by a song.

    1. A lunatic completely misinterpreted a song, and it's the song's fault?

      Like I said yesterday, you're the stupidest fucking crackpot on the planet.

    2. You said "nobody was ever corrupted by a song," it is indisputable that Charles Manson used Helter Skelter and other Beatles songs to inspire his followers to commit murder. That's a matter of historical and court record.

      And there were such things as this guy named Hitler and the messages he got from a guy named Richard Wagner.

      You should try looking around to see the variable reactions of the country western musicians to see some of them are definitely saying country music has to change its policy and it relationship with the gun lobby.

      You and the other Dunkettes are dopes.

  2. Oh right. Nazis wouldn't have been Nazis except for Wagner re-inforcing their prejudices.

    Jeebus, you're a fucking moron.

    Also -- BTW, country western? Who the fuck even talks like that?

    1. If you had any idea of how an argument works or how time works or how reality works you would know that I don't have to prove that something that didn't happen would have happened the way it did, I only have to cite the well know, much documented, much studied role that the music of Wagner played in the construction of the myths of Germanic superiority and other things, including anti-Semitism by Hitler and other Nazis.

      I don't have to deal with how things might have been under other circumstances, I only have to deal with things as they happened.

      I could have as easily cited other examples in which music was used to incite depraved behavior.

      I think you must have been the poster child of peer advancement during your childhood, you certainly could serve as a good example of how a mentally challenged person (we can leave out you being an asshole, for now) can rise to their level of incompetence through that misguided educational fad.

      You are really, really stupid.