Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh, I like having it out.  When someone objects to something I say I like to go through the reasons I said it.  I'd really rather be responding to the Republican-fascists attempts to kick tens of millions of people off of health insurance so they can give billionaires more money, but they haven't revealed their means of committing that atrocity.

Stinking Susan Collins is making noises about liking the idea of rolling back on Medicaid knowing full well that the goddamned Republicans in Maine prevented that expansion from going through here, keeping people off of health insurance who even states with Republicans governors, elsewhere helped.  That skank is planning on finishing her political career a governor of Maine and the stinking Maine media treating her like a damned Brit Queen gets treated and the idiocy of our multi-party alleged left might just put the piece of crap in the office.  

Her calculation is how depraved and cruel she can be in Washington so as to please the sociopaths in her party without turning off the "moderate" Republicans and the duped Democrats who might put her into office.   She is an amoral careerist, I hope to live long enough to help write the real biography of Susan Collins as a fraud and a scoundrel.   

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