Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fantastic Words and Where Not To Find Them

Notice how Trump cites his "genes" as a guarantee that he's a gold medal genius.  But don't miss things like the unwillingness to call even the most blatant lies, "lies".

Update:  I think I now understand this piece by Samuel Becket, Play, as directed by Kenneth Gaburo

which I'd thought was just kind of silly and meaningless.  Only the Trump-Republican-fascist stuff is dangerous and meaningless.  It sounds not that far from what you get on CNN and the other cabloids these days.

Update 2:  Putting a whole new meaning in SAMideano

Oh, my word.  Just looked at the Samantha Bee video on a bigger screen.  Someone at Samantha Bee's is an esperantist.  "Vortoj" on the third screen is Esperanto for "words".  

Saluton, Samideano!  

Update 3:  No, the "j" in "vortoj" sounds like an English "y" so it sort of rhymes with "wart boy".  Just think of my trolls if you have trouble remembering.  

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