Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Last Attempt At Explaining My Argument

Your claim that science can and, by implication, has shown that intelligent design was not involved in the creation of the first organism can be shown to be wrong by replacing the experiment of the abiogenesist with something that doesn't carry that claim - indeed, anyone who claimed it would be considered nuts - but which is, as well, a kind of bio-chemistry experiment.  

Your claim has the same form as someone saying, "a loaf of bread can be made without intelligent design" and then making a loaf of bread and claiming that is the proof of your hypothesis.   

But they've only proven that you could make a loaf of bread through the intelligent design of a recipe being followed.  

The whole idea is based on pretending that the intelligent design of Miller and Urey or whoever else does it wasn't involved with their result.  That's noticed when you say it about bread because we're not used to people making such stupid claims about something as familiar and everyday as bread, people are duped into believing it because science is less familiar and mysterious to most people and scientists have been pretending their intelligent design wasn't part of what they do so often.   And no one would be stupid enough to say something like that about bread baking as opposed to doing experiments. When intelligence doesn't go into bread baking, you probably wouldn't want to buy the results. 

Maybe men dominating science more than bread baking has something to do with how they got away with telling themselves things like that.   I think the reason they could claim something so ridiculous for so long as science is due to science being, for many people, something of a mystery religion instead of something which they dare to subject to reason. 

Update:  You might notice there has been an increase of typos and choosing the wrong word that spell check throws up.  I'm having a lot of allergy related eye problems.  This is the worst year for allergies here, yet.  I'm not the only one who has commented on that. 

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