Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hate Mail

Everything that could ever be said about Sgt. Pepper's had been said by the time John recorded Yoko's dry heaves for the last time.  That's why Simps can't stop regurgitating that.  I'd encourage those who do the same to just listen to it and not say stupid stuff that's already been said to death.  That's Simels' role in life. 

I'll celebrate the release of the album Carla Bley was working on at the same time, A Genuine Tong Funeral, about which hardly enough has been said.  And it's better to just listen to the music. 

Update:  Um, yeah, Simps is making that up.  I didn't say NYC was "the most overrated city in the world".  I just searched my blog and I said this:

 As suspected Simps doesn't have the slightest idea of what life outside of the most over-rated city on the continent is like.  No wonder he thinks everyone else is an ignorant rube as he proves he's an ignorant rube. 

and this:

It's a fact that the guy who failed to read that yesterday is a huge Seinfeld fan.  You know, another racist, lily white view of life in the most overrated city on the continent.  He's got a weakness for movie directors and TV shows that give a lily white view of the place he calls home. 

Even when misquoting me, Simps overrates the overratedness of the city he shares with Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.  

The most overrated in the world?  Not as long as we've got Paris, London, Vienna.... 

Simps doesn't get how quotes work.  It's no more complicated than that.  He doesn't know how thinking works, either. 


  1. Here's a clue, numbnuts: If you're not a pretentious perishing snob, it's possible to enjoy both of them.

  2. "It's a fact that the guy who failed to read that yesterday is a huge Seinfeld fan. "

    As I've told you several times, I've seen maybe three episodes of Seinfeld tops. Every time you accuse somebody of being a liar, an angel loses its wings, numbnuts.

  3. You didn't say it was the most overrated city in the world? Just the continent?

    Wow. Glad you cleared that up. Of course, we have no way of knowinalso have no way of knowing if the shit you're reacting to isn't stuff you heard from the voices in your head.

    You're not just a liar, Sparkles, you're a gutless liar.