Friday, June 2, 2017

Answer To An E-Mail

Well, I do remember one point I raised in the blog brawl over the gay panic defense.  I asked what would happen if women could use the sexual identity of men they murdered claiming that they'd been coming on to them.   I may have mentioned that it could work the other way, round, too.  As I recall the crowd didn't want to go there but they were comfortable with the identification of gay men as sexual predators and a straight man making excuses for his behavior on that count and they were only somewhat less comfortable with the effect of that on the lives of gay men.  Especially in the mid-1970s which was what was under discussion.  Those were the Anita Bryant years of opposition to LGBT equality, though the acronym wasn't in use, yet.  

As I recall it, I was the only gay man in the discussion and the only one who had been an LGBT adult at the time.   Many of those in the discussion hadn't been born, yet.  

I posted about it here, at the time.  It's in my archive.  It's not as if I've obsessed about it over the intervening years.  

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