Saturday, April 1, 2017

Um, Ever Hear of, you know, those little things called Atomic and Nuclear Bombs? Atheists Have Got To Be The Stupidest Of People

Adam Hominem--colossal putz  Doug, lazy Dervish • 14 hours ago
Name just one weapon of modern war not invented by Xtians.

Yeah, that's from Duncan Black's self-defined "brain trust" in response to one of dopey's clip and paste jobs from here.   Of course none of Duncan's dolts read what I actually wrote.  Since the hate mail sent to me from there earlier in the day contained the practically daily implication (when it's not blatantly asserted as a "fact") that science was the exclusive property of atheists, something which is repeated there more often than Christians recite the creed, it's pretty mind blowingly stupid of them to assert this later in the very same day.  At least one of the participants in the snippet of thread the above quote comes from was involved in the earlier one, today.  She didn't point out the irony of the claim. 

Or as the great Marilynne Robinson said in her take down of Richard Dawkins' God Delusion:

The gravest questions about the institutions of contemporary science seem never to be posed, though we know the terrors of all-out conflict between civilizations would include innovations, notably those dread weapons of mass destruction, being made by scientists for any country with access to their skills. Granting for the purposes of argument that Dawkins is correct in the view that the majority of great scientists are atheists, we may then exclude religion from among the factors that recruit them to this somber work. We are left with nationalism, steady employment, good pay, the chance to do research that is lavishly funded and, by definition, cutting edge — familiar motives of a kind fully capable of disarming moral doubt. In any case, the crankiest imam, the oiliest televangelist, can, at his worst, only urge circumstances a degree or two farther toward the use of those exotic war technologies that are always ready, always waiting. If it is fair to speak globally of religion, it is also fair to speak globally of science.

I think the past four decades of atheist promotion, from CSICOP and its sTARBABY scandal to the blather on the blogs today prove that it is an ideology for TV trained dolts with no knowledge of even the most basic of even recent history or intellectual culture.  

I was going to ignore the stuff that gets sent to me from there but this one was just so massively stupid I had to comment.   Contemporary atheism has the integrity of fog in a hurricane. 

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