Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The First Amendment As A Permission For Terrorists and Fascists

James Jackson, the 28-year-old coward, white-supremacist, American-made neo-fascist who murdered a 68-year-old man with a sword as a "practice run" for killing other black men, is another of a growing list of warnings that allowing neo-Nazis, white-supremacists, and other bigots who have flourished and recruited online to proselytize is a danger to us all.  The various news pieces trying to figure out when and how a kid who went to a Quaker school and who went through the Army came out a neo-Nazi terrorist, cowardly killer of an elderly black man have noted that his online life gave him ample material to feed his pathology.  Online videos,

But in the months before the attack, Jackson’s internet use suggested recent radicalization by the alt-right. Jackson’s YouTube page, where he had previously listened to the Final Fantasy soundtrack and liked a British royal family video, lit up with likes on videos about white superiority and “black on white crimes”.

The Daily Beast verified the YouTube account’s username as being associated with Jackson’s email address he listed on a résumé posted to his LinkedIn profile.
Jackson liked a livestream video called “Is It Time for Whites to Start Voicing Their Displeasure With Black on White Crimes?” two months before the attack. The two-hour video characterized African Americans as violent, and featured musical interludes of Donald Trump speeches set to electronic music.

“How many of you have got to the point where you’re more guiltless about your racism, or better yet your prejudice?” the livestreamer asked as viewers typed racial slurs in the comments.
Jackson also recently liked the videos “Blacks Know That Blacks Are Violent So Why Does the White Media Pretend They Are Not?” and “BLACK PERSON TALKS ABOUT ALT-RIGHT DESTROYED | MGTOW RED PILL SEXY TEEN CRINGE” and “Why I’m Quitting Porn & How to Achieve Any Goal & Cut Out Bad Behaviors.”

Jackson also subscribed to a series of racist channels including that of the National Policy Institute, a white-supremacist group founded by Richard Spencer. Another subscribed channel uploaded videos denying the Holocaust and claiming there are IQ differences between races. Videos in several other subscribed channels included “I Want a Fascist Ethnostate for Christmas” and uploaded broadcasts from Nazi website and ex-Klansman David Duke. He also subscribed to the White House YouTube channel.

I would say that what James Jackson claims about his motives are probably not worth taking as honest without that kind of verification.  He would seem to have already told a number of lies.

This  is evidence of something I've long suspected, that video-movie propaganda has far more power to entice and entrap the most vulnerable than far less conveniently and easily consumed text-based hate material.  Especially those not prone to have the discipline to read something, so lots of people in our TV trained age.  But print-based hate, such as William L. Pierce's Turner Diaries have a proven effect in motivating terrorists.  Timothy McVeigh and Dylan Roof, as well as others either explicitly modeled their terror on that book or they were inspired by it.  But there isn't any reason to ignore the dangers that either of them pose.

It also forces the question of why, when it is obviously a contributing factor in terrorism such stuff is given protected status by the United States Constitution.

What is probably even less known here is that America joins the Putin regime as a source for neo-Nazi, neo-fascist terrorists and murderers elsewhere.   Here is a map of some American-fascist inspired violence in Europe.

The article at the SPLC in which this map was published is well worth reading.  It goes into a lot of detail about specific people who use  neo-Nazi, neo-fascist material and groups, legally allowed in the United States.  Read the many links that go with it, too.

That such American-inspired neo-fascism is influential in right-wing Britain and Europe is demonstrated.  Here's a picture with the crypto-fascist Nigel Farage with one of his Brexit buddies,

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage (L) with Andrew Lovie, neo-Nazi National Alliance member since 2000.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage (L) with Andrew Lovie, neo-Nazi National Alliance member since 2000.

And it's undeniable that through the Republican-fascist Party and the Trump regime, such people are already highly placed in the government.  That they present in the United States military and in police forces is also known, with all of the dangers that carries. 

It is insane that the United States won't do anything to suppress this because some rich, white, slave-holders who couldn't possibly have imagined modern fascism or Nazism or Marxism decided to write a few lines of bad poetry as law in the 1780s.   

The idea that we are not to learn anything from the scores of millions of genocidal murders of the past century. in order to prevent a recurrence of them as the memory of those murders fades in the past because of those lines written by those aristocrats all that time ago is madness.  The pious, sacrosanct status given that idea is clearly something that we have already paid a huge price for, it is responsible for not only the rise of fascist terrorism here, it is what put Donald Trump into office.  It is why Sean Spicer was reluctant to condemn the murder committed by James Jackson so infamously, ordering April Ryan not to shake her head as she obviously couldn't believe what he was saying in response to her question, yesterday.  

It is time to de-Nazify the United States.   To go after the peddlers of hate.  You can either do it now, before it's too late, or after, in the rubble that covers the bodies afterwards.  Like they did in Germany.  

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