Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hate Mail

They want an answer they can come here to get one.  I haven't posted a comment at Eschaton since June 2012.  Skeptic Tank, Freki,  Tunder Boy... don't come here much because when they did I kicked their asses.  I kicked S.T's over at RD the past couple of days.  He was reduced to goal post moving and distraction because he's got nuttin'.   Their Eschaton buddy, Dopey is too stupid to stay away.    Dunc Black and his seven(teen) Douch-offs, Dopey, Stupy, Liey, Numby,.... 

Update:  Critics, Bah!

Don’t listen to those people. It’s rubbish. Write it off. Critics have given me too much bad advice in the past. I remember Kenneth Tynan demolishing The Blood Knot in London. Today Tynan is in his grave and The Blood Knot isn’t. I was once told that my play is too specifically written for a South African audience, and that I should write in a more universal sense ... for an English-speaking audience ... can you believe advice like that? Thank God I’ve read my Tolstoy and my William Faulkner to know that by virtue of their regionalism they became universal. I have never benefited from a critic’s advice ... they see themselves as performers at the expense of your work. If you want advice, go stand at the back of the theatre during a performance of your play and watch the audience. They’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t. If I was ever to be a critic ... just for a few months, then I would open every review with this line: “This is one man’s opinion, it is not the truth!”  Athol Fugard 

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