Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I Am Glad To Be The Instrument Of Manuel's Revenge - Hate Mail

Oh, I think it's good in the currently anglophile United States for at least someone to regularly express disrespect for the Brits.  That not all of us buy the B.S. imports from the BBC and other engines of phonied up Brit costume dramas.  I think it's good for their character development to get the same treatment they regularly give other peoples in their "comedy". 

Besides, I'm Irish, you can't expect me to just let them get away with the nonsense they sell here on PBS.  

Update:  Oh, I adore John Oliver, my favorite Brit whose name isn't Judi Dench.  If you think I'm mean to the Brits, he's savage.  Listen to what he said about the United States and Britain in ... French during his recent program about the French Election.

And in his most recent program about Ivanka and Jared 

Love John Oliver. 

Update 2: "Who is Manuel?"

I thought everyone knew Fawlty Towers.  I'm sure there are Youtubes.  "Manuel" was a moderately to quite offensive caricature of a Spanish worker at an English hotel.   It got really unfunny, fast.  Luckily they only ever made a dozen of them.  Prunella Scales was quite good in it, as was John Cleese.   

Update:  Ok, Ok, I adore Glenda Jackson, too. 

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  1. The Brits are not ashamed of thinking themselves superior to Europeans, even as they make themselves the butt of the joke as often as possible.