Monday, April 24, 2017

Science Denialism Isn't Just Found Among The Ignorant Evolution and Climate Change Deniers

It is outrageous that the Sunday morning lie shows didn't cover the large demonstrations in support of science and the public role of science in determining the course of government.  But that's to be expected, especially if, as I recall them from when I had a TV, they are sponsored heavily by the oil, gas and other extraction industries and the energy and other corporations that profit the most from dumping carbon into the atmosphere.  You mix "free speech" "free press" absolutism with that and it produces a vountary gag order on anything that will impact their profits negatively.

Clearly, science in the public interest, or, as a group I used to support said, "Science For The People" is subversive to the corporate-fascist system that governs the free press in America.

But there are lots of other problems with science, too, some of them internal, lots of them at, as I've been pointing out, the work of atheist-materialists who have swiped science for themselves.

When people follow the rules of science with the kind of rigor that Dean Radin and his colleagues practice, when their work is replicated by others practicing the same levels of rigor that they practice, when their data and statistical analysis stand up to review and when all of it stands up to the peer-review that legitimate scientific journals practice, it is science denialism to deny that they get positive results at not only ten to one but, with some meta-analyses more than a trillion to one is as willfully ignorant as the denial of man-made climate change, the fact of evolution.  It's on the scale of denialism that resulted in a third of the respondents to that survey who claimed to not believe that 2+2 ≤ 13.  Yet that kind of science denialism is not only common among the allegedly science devoted educated class, it is enforced through bullying coercion.  You can find examples in the climate change denialism of your heroes the habitual liar, James Randi and Penn Jillette for real life evidence of that.

I learned when I was about ≤ 13 that I didn't need to kow tow to bullies and you shouldn't because it turned you into a scared little coward who was too scared to admit what you knew to be true. .

Actually, I posted the Radin talks not only because it presented experimental evidence that, far from our minds being the mere waste product of chemistry in our brains, they count for far more than that, but also because I wanted to see where the leaks in my spam filter were.  I can guarantee that some of the things I'm preparing will test both of those even more.

One of the things I recently read about the putrid James Randi noted that since the biggest bullies of scientism got together and launched the neo-atheist coercion in the form of CSICOP, belief in the public in the very things they hate the most has increased.  I think they have played a large part in the business of science denial.  The program of the oil-gas-coal industry war on climate change science pretty much follows the same procedures that CSICOP (now known as CSI due to a major scandal involving lying about science) used to shut down scientists looking at things they didn't like.  It's not any surprise that James Randi, for example, a scientific illiterate, is on record as denying climate change, too.  Some of my most read posts are on that topic.  Maybe I should do another series about professional pseudo-skepticism.

Update:  I originally said "habitual liar, James Randi and Penn and Teller because in  the article that Jillette wrote for the LA Times which I had in my notes, he claimed to speak for Teller.  I left the article in when I decided to only attribute it to the loudmouthed asshole of the assholic duo.

Here's the op-ed, by the way.  I'll warn you that Jillette is as big an asshole in it as he is in everything else he's ever done in his assholistic life.  I didn't make that up.

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