Sunday, March 19, 2017

Late Hate

Big deal, Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan sent a fan letter to Chuck Berry, well, good,  I'm happy for all three of them.   I don't have anything against Chuck Berry - it was Steve Simels who said he was an SOB, not me, I don't know anything about his personal life, only, since it's Simels calling him that, well, I'm old enough to remember when people said irony was dead.

I wonder how much of the publicity out of the letter Sagan and Druyan figured would fall onto them instead of Berry and who made it public.  

Obviously none of the morons at Eschaton have bothered to read what I actually said as they will insist I've got something against Chuck Berry.  Eschaton is like the Trump inner-circle in that they don't care if what they say and read is a lie as long as they like what the lie says.   If it's Simps or Freki, it's almost certain to be a lie.   Eschaton is like a game of telephone where what gets spread around just gets lieier.  

Update:  I doubt you know the definition of "aficionado".   Being a musician,  I think the more you know about any branch of music the less you'll think of yourself in terms like that.  I am glad there's a lot I don't know because, as my post of music recorded almost a century ago shows,  I'll never run out of new musical experiences to have.  You would seem to be addicted to listening to the same old, old, old, old, old [hit the turntable] stuff that got old fifty years ago. 

Update 2:  

There is a rock critic, illiterate, 
Who, though, is a liar, inveterate,
His text comprehension,
Is lax, so invention, 
Is what he spews out like an idiot. 

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