Monday, March 20, 2017

Democrats Should Filibuster And Force Republican-fascists To Show Exactly What The Senate Under Their Control Has Been

Neil Gorsuch will lie under oath during his confirmation hearings, he will claim he has not come to any opinion in matters he has come to a fixed opinion on and those opinions will determine how he will rule on matters before the Supreme Court.  Alito and Roberts lied through their teeth during their confirmation hearings, every Senator who went through the ritual, those for and those against their nominations knew they were lying, everyone will know that Gorsuch is lying today.  

He will rule on the court with obvious consistency against the rights of people without wealth and power, members of minorities which are discriminated against, those who are injured by corporations, those who are blatantly robbed by them.  He will vote consistently to trash the environment as his mother did when she tried to destroy the EPA three decades before Trump will probably succeed in doing so.

Neil Gorsuch is a button-down, pretty-faced, false front on American fascism.  I feel little inclination to watch the hearings because of all the committees in Washington, with few exceptions, the Senate Judiciary Committee is one of the smarmiest, most hypocritical and most predictable.  Every Republican on the Committee will vote for his nomination, if any Democrat attempts to bring up their not only shameful but malfeasant refusal to so much as give Barack Obama's nominee for the seat stolen by Senate Republicans to be filled by the worst excuse for a president in the history of the United States, they will suppress any discussion of that.  They will do everything they can to provide cover for Neil Gorsuch.

I sincerely hope that Democrats mount a filibuster and that the Republicans will choose the "nuclear option" to push him through. It's what is bound to happen if Democrats try to assert the mythical power of the minority in the Senate.  If it's not exercised, it's not there, anyway.   It's about time that the last fig leafs covering the shame of the Senate be removed to see the bare-assed assertion of Republican-fascist for what it is.

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