Monday, November 28, 2016

Hate Mail -

".... incompetent prose stylist..."

Prose stylist.  You know what, dopey, I've said from the first thing I ever wrote on a blog that I'm not a writer, I don't aspire to be a writer, I don't care to nurture a style and would probably avoid doing that if someone credibly accused me of being a "stylist".   I said, "credibly" so that doesn't include anything you come up with.  

All I do is write.   Now, why don't you try reading it at more than a 3rd grade reading level, you know, the level you think at when you're trying really hard.  


  1. Got it -- you're not a writer, and you're an incoherent writer. That's why you write.

    What a manifesto!!!

  2. Oddly, it seems to be only the stupidest class of atheists who can't understand what I write.

    Gee, and here Echidne, one of the best writers on the lefty blogs asked me to write for her blog and I did for about five years. Nope, Simps, I'll trust her judgement, even when we disagreed, she was never dishonest and she can write circles around you. Concentric circles.