Thursday, December 1, 2016

There's Nothing Hard About It Permitting Liars to Lie Only Benefits The Liars

I am leaving my last piece at the top of the page because I think the point of just what I've proposed is important, even vitally important.  It isn't that the president or the cops or the congress dictate what is allowed to be said in the media, it is to allow people the press lies about, including liberal politicians, to sue to stop the lies and to cost media corporations enough money to prevent them continuing to lie to the American people about liberals and liberalism.   Apparently that is too subtle a point for the kind of all or nothing, black or white rearrangement of blocks of language that pass as thought among so many on the alleged left.   I will point out that a lot of those who would seem to not want you to recognize that difference work in the media which has a financial interest in not getting sued for lying and which has benefited from the Warren Court's permission to lie with impunity.   

It was lies that got us Trumped, it is the free speech fundamentalists who played the left for suckers.  Any left that has any integrity, any real belief that what they advocate is really important will have to start with acknowledging the power of lies to defeat our advocacy for powerless people, the environment, etc. that which no magical "more speech"has countered.  Not even that "more speech" which is pathetically and mutely stated in a small magazine few read and fewer broadcast, that is no match for the even-more-and-infinitely-more-effective-"more speech" lied out from American TV and hate-talk radio 24-7-356.  Pretending it is might make a plot for a sappy Hollywood movie, it's not reality.  Hollywood is largely in the business of lying, anyone who saw The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (and was ever a name more potently ironic) should have heard that confession.   

I may post something later in the day. 

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