Monday, July 18, 2016

The Green Gasbags Are Using Bernie Sanders To Get Attention For Themselves Now

I asked my union organizer cousin what he thought of the Bernie Sanders delegation's plans to have a Saul Alinsky style "fart-in" during Hillary Clinton's speech to the Democratic Convention, he said that for all the fame and reputation he has, Saul Alinsky was a jerk who knew nothing about much except getting attention for himself and his associates.  He'd read him during his time as an organizer and he found little to nothing that has been useful in his work as a union organizer or in politics.  He also has held elected office on the state and local levels and has organized in that area as well.

Apparently the idea is the brain-fart of one Cheri Honkala, a local lefty personality in Philadelphia who was also one of Jill Stein's running mates, another Green Party fraud and con jobber but it's one which some, though, I can imagine or, at least, hope that most Sanders delegates won't participate in.I didn't remember Honkala, not even as a hostile student of the Green Party fraud so you can see how much of an impact she's made.  From what I've read she's no great shakes at real organizing, either, doing stunts that get her attention but which don't do much to organize anyone or do any real and permanent good for people.  There really should be a name for such local lefties who are mostly about their own cult status, perhaps they should be called "Hokalas".  Though they're not uncommon in towns big enough to form such a cult.  Oh, and in the typical Green tradition, she managed to come in third in a race for Sheriff of Philadelphia, her big campaign stunt was to ride a horse in the streets while wearing a white hat.  I'm sure that run the previous year was what catapulted her into prominence among the mighty pathetic handful which is the Green Party.

One of the other leaders in the fart-in plan is an actual Sanders delegate, former Philadelphia health commissioner Dr. Walter H. Tsou, who I was unsurprised to find out teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. Or as I will always think of it now, PU.  Which is not a branch of the public state university but a private university, sometimes regarded as the most minor of the minor Ivy League schools that most people don't remember are Ivys.

I can easily imagine the most enthusiastic of the Bernie or Busters I heard at my town's caucus would think this was a really neat thing, considering what assholes some of them were at the caucus, it's not surprising what comes out of some of them, the ones who rush forward and grab the mic and get attention for themselves by trying to be the most outrageous.

As much as Bernie Sanders has been a jerk this spring and into the summer, I think that he deserves better than to be associated with something so childish, so stupid, so counterproductive, the idea of the most self-seeking attention-getters on the most juvenile, asshole end of the play-left.

Considering how much this sounds like something issuing from the lower regions of the Trump campaign, and in that case, it could come from the candidate, himself, the only people who are discredited by it are the self-centered jerks who do it.

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  1. The most rabid Sanders supporters I meet on-line (and no, that hardly includes Todd, with whom I have the most respectful disagreements occasionally, but not often) sound exactly like Trump/Tea Party supporters: i.e., government should be run for them, and all those who disagree should get out of the way so they can bring in the millennium!

    Government can do a tremendous amount of good, but it can't do it by running roughshod over most of the populace and imposing the blinkered political vision of either the Tea Party of the Bernie Busters. Honestly, I can't slip a piece of paper between the two extremes. Which is not surprising; extremes tend to bend so far around they touch the extremists on the other side, and often have more in common with their extreme counterparts than with the mainstream, be the latter liberal or conservative.