Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hate Mail - Long Yawn

It is more than a little bit ironic that Duncan's Dimwits at Eschaton are discussing something I never said - on the say so of serial liar and troll Steve Simels - on a discussion thread where they're discussing Mrs. Trump's plagiarism and the lies that the Trump campaign are telling about it. Especially the lie that Hillary Clinton, who I believe has said nothing about it and wasn't even the one whose words were stolen, is to blame for the whole thing. 

I don't find Eschaton especially interesting except as just another example of how an inbred, ever decreasing, self-chosen "community" online can devolve into a tight little black hole of inter-self-confirming people who agree with each other and admire each other for their self-confirming, self-reinforcing similarities.  

Weren't we warned that such a thing might be a result of people being able to choose what they heard as opposed to being exposed to outside points of view?  

The funniest thing I found in it was the snark about my habit of trying to find out what I'm talking about before I said it.  Not much of a danger of that happening to the dolts at Duncan's.  At this point they're just all too common specimens of what's wrong with self-confirmation and how it's a problem with those who don't particularly care to look at their own bias critically.   

Update:  Well, that was fast for someone who isn't reading what I write.  I think it's funny that of those I know, one passes himself off as some kind of retired big-time science-guy while the others I know are on the ass-end of the wreck the humanities was allowed to devolve into, all of them having been to college.  As I've said before, this is what happens when they drop the required rigorous course in Frosh Rhetoric from the college curriculum.   That sad trend didn't get to my land-grant university as fast as it was adopted at places like Corn Flakes U, apparently.   I can only wonder what Stefan Wolpe thought of the American students he encountered there. 

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