Monday, June 6, 2016

Stupy Stales Has Never Seen A Point He Couldn't Misrepresent

To deny the role that His Clintness played in making strong-man fascism a virtue among a number of people in the United States is stupid.   He didn't do that single-handed but he is one of the bigger figures in Hollywood who sold fascist thinking to a huge audience through many movies.  To deny his role in that is as stupid as denying his place in Republican-fascist politics, his racist, incredibly disrespectful and false ranting at a chair representing Barck Obama at the last Republican convention, the one that laid the groundwork for this year's election would make as much sense.

Stupy does that, over and over again, he fixes on one part of an argument, distorts it to serve his own purpose, which is never to address the argument, and he tells a bunch of other people with little regard for the truth about it.  They, then, extend that lie. JR will almost certainly lie about it, it's what she does. 

Such is the reason that Duncan's den of dolts is in free fall.  So much potential, so wasted.   

Update:  And now it's pointed out that Stuptic Tank participated too.  

Doris Day could sing a song well, I've never been a fan of her movies.   I fully understand why she retired from acting.  That's something too complicated for the "brain trust".  I've got to say, I'm beginning to associate that term with some kind of mental disability. 

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