Thursday, May 26, 2016

Republican Only Toilets Now!

You know, one thing I've concluded after finding out how obsessed Republicans are with other people's junk is that it's not safe having them use the same rest rooms normal people do.  

I certainly don't want some Republican violating the privacy of my young relatives and other young of our species.

After this past year it's clear a shocking number of Republicans are peeping-tom perverts. 

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  1. As I recall the '70's, there was a lot of political violence (bombings, etc.) of the type captured in "Network."

    And no one lived in terror of it, because we didn't call it "terrorism" and quake at the though somebody might shoot people in Paris and that would mean the folks in Weehauken were next.

    Now we are so afraid of genders in bathrooms a man was attacked in a public restroom in Utah because both his children, 5 and 7, a girl and a boy, had to use the facilities, and he didn't (reasonably) want to leave one of them alone; so he took them both into the men's room.

    Where he was sucker-punched by an outraged patron of the same facilities.

    Tell me that would have happened even six months ago. We are what we are told to fear.