Saturday, May 28, 2016

Greens Want To Pick Up The Worst of Bernie or Busters

The animal mascot of the Green Party should be the vulture or some other carrion eating species, only I wouldn't insult any of those animals by supporting such symbolism.  Carrion eaters serve a purpose in nature, the Green Party is just an all too human con-game at this point. 

It would seem, from what I'm gathering from Greens in online babble and their official - well as official as it gets with Greens - statements, that they're intent on picking over the corpse of the Bernie Sanders campaign, once Sanders finally concedes that he lost the nomination.  That some of Sanders' more callow fans seem to believe the Greens will adopt him only shows how little they follow Green affairs - and considering how little there is to them, those aren't especially hard to follow.   I can't imagine Jill Stein giving it up for Bernie. Or Bernie Sanders being stupid enough to fall for that definitive suckering.  I at least give him that much credit, for now, at least. 

As far as I can recall, the Green Party began with the pretense that it was going to act as competition to the Democratic Party, pressuring it, the massively larger party, to move to the left.  As it didn't grow, as it didn't amass election wins and the power that could have had to such an effort, the Green Party came out with the tacitly stated strategy of wrecking the chances of the Democratic Party, of "punishing it" into moving left.  Some of the stupider and nuttier Greens would seem to believe they can supplant the Democratic Party as the Republicans did the Whigs - only I doubt any of them know enough about American history to know about that.  For most of them their world seems to extend no farther than the phony, trumped-up pseudo-scandals mounted by Republican-fascists and their media shills in the 1990s.  That's the kind of historical information that determines their thinking.

The Greens will probably get some support from Bernie Sanders supporters though little that they didn't have before.   I've pointed out how many of those who stood in line to change their affiliation to vote for him in our caucus openly said that they intended to vote for Jill Stein if Sanders didn't get the nomination.  I would guess a majority of those who stood up for Sanders in that caucus had never participated in the Democratic Party before, muttering darkly against the convener of our caucus, though he'd held back the beginning so all of those who hadn't managed to change their affiliation could do so in the hall way outside of the auditorium.  

I still like the idea of Democrats turning things around and swamping the Greens with a takeover, removing it from having the ability to spoil things in real politics.  This election shows that there are lots of people unwilling to learn from recent and very hard history.  Or too stupid to learn from it.  Stupid is the definition of anyone who, given its three decades of cheating people out of their money, their time, their support and, worst of all, their votes but who are ready to get conned out of those by the same gang of con artists who have done it to them before.  I am beginning to think someone has to step in and save them from their own folly.  And to save ourselves, as well. 

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