Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last Hate Mail Call

Ah, well, you see, I had an insight yesterday that instead of being the object of a troll, what I am is the obsession of a stalker.  Steve the stalker.  Just to show you how long a word can prevent you from understanding even something you experience on virtually an everyday basis.  

The same person was exposed as using assumed names and identities eight years ago, so I have no way of knowing if any given troll who posts a comment here or who stalks me if I comment elsewhere is the guy who is stalking me.   He could be.

As soon as I understood that it was that kind of pathology, I knew it was immoral to feed it.  So, I'm free to let those who will enable such behavior take responsibility for encouraging it.  As I said last night,  he's all your problem now, Duncan.

Update:  Nope.  It's not my concern anymore. I'm done with it. 

Update 2:  Why would I care what an ever decreasing knot of  nasty, vicious, conceited, inbred, infighting devotees of the common received wisdom, c. 1959 say about me?   

It's all over now, baby blue.  There's nothing left to say about it.  There will be no further messages. 

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