Friday, March 25, 2016

Hate Mail - So You Think It's Springtime For Bernie?

If liberals weren't doing something wrong we would be only slightly worried about the house and senate flipping to Republican control and even less worried that either a raving, trashy fascist phony like Trump or an oozing, seething fascist phony like Cruz was going to win over a moderate liberal Democrat in November.  

We would be in a lot better shape if we weren't doing things wrong and hadn't been doing them wrong for a long time.  Being in good shape is a good measure of whether or not you're doing something wrong. 

Reality is real, it is the acid test of things.  If you don't admit that now, you will, eventually.  If everything that liberals were doing was just swell, things wouldn't be as they are, today. I'd rather not wait till the aftermath to try to figure out what to do to prevent this kind of disaster.  When liberals have been failing this long, the fault is not so much in our stars but in ourselves.  We're not fated to fail, the choice to find out why we have for so long and to change that is ours.  But that's something like work and it might upset some of our long established habits of thought. 

Hate Update:  Oh, who could have predicted that Duncan's Eschatots are snarking about Good Friday on Good Friday.  And feeling very bright as they do so for like every year running since Duncan mounted it. 

Nothing unpredictable happens there anymore. It's not allowed to.  They got rid of anyone who was going to say something unpredictable. They don't like their pond of tepid bile rippled by what has not been said there before. 

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