Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Left That Results In The Worst Is The Left We Need To Leave Behind

At this point in the nomination process the Bernie Sanders campaign has passed from being a challenge to Hillary Clinton to remember the most liberal part of the Democratic Party to being a part of the Republican strategy to split the Democratic vote and putting whoever wins the Republican nomination in the White House.  It has passed from being something positive to being a repetition of the Nader-Green strategy in 2000 which enabled the Bush Crime Family and their assets on the Supreme Court to install the most disastrously bad president in living memory and his regent, Dick Cheney.  

And that is happening again, this year, sixteen years later, with the help of allegedly left of center media who are hoping to get readers by servicing the more delusional members of the play left, the "Bernie or Bust" crowd, most of whom are sufficiently affluent, white and comfortable so as not to be those who will pay the price for a repeat of 2001-2008.  

There is a disastrously large percentage of what gets called "the left" which is, clearly, ineducable, not even by experience.  Those who are old enough to not only remember how Bush II was installed in power, through a putsch managed by Bush brother Jeb in Florida, Bush cousin Ellis on FOX and the right-wing Republicans on the Supreme Court all taking advantage of conditions brought about by Ralph Nader and the Green Party. 

The left has, largely, discredited itself through support of self-defeating policies, rhetorical stands which have alienated large number of people and through attention-getting stunts which, somehow, despite decades of trying, have produced the opposite of change.  I think that, at this point, Bernie Sanders has opted to give up his role as the practical voice of the responsible left because his support contains that play-left.  His opportunity to avoid the risk of becoming this years Ralph Nader is rapidly disappearing.   The media which is, at this point, participating in that should be seen for what it is, a big part of the problem. 

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