Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hate Mail - Strike When the Pouter Has Lied

Oh, I don't care if Simels and the Eschatots mock me, that's to be expected by people as immature as they are.  I find it encouraging, at this point.   I'm certain few if any of them bothered to look up the meaning of the word "henotheism" which I used once in a post several weeks ago which Sims has been harping on, ignorantly, ever since.  I'm certain he never looked it up and doubt he knows how to pronounce it.   Really, you have to spoon feed everything to those kiddies, in little bite sized pieces or its a choking hazard.  Which probably accounts for Duncan's sub-tweet length blog posts. They get all pasted up when you use a word they don't know.  To go with Simels' childish chicken theme.

Hold the notification of mocking, wait till he lies, which is guaranteed to come later.

Update:  Apparently the geniuses, in their own estimation, at Duncan's blog are so lazy they won't even click on the link to find out what a word they don't know means.   Apparently senectitude is the new 12.   

That means "old age",  for the pablum and vodka set.  

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